A Table for One

Nia Elizabeth Hagins is a young, beautiful, and successful attorney who is well on her way to learning several lessons in love – the hard way. After a recent heartbreak, Nia begins to consider how her own issues contributed to the failure of her relationship. Ultimately, she realizes that self-love is not a cliché, it is work – hard work. And it is also a journey that requires frequent stops to refuel, refocus, and recommit. A Table for One is a compelling story about how Nia attempts to navigate this journey, at a time in her life when her relationship and her career both offer distracting detours. In this page-turner you’ll see how Nia is willing to do anything, to include reinventing herself, in order to make sure that she arrives at her destination in-tact, at peace, and unapologetically happy – even if it means she arrives there alone.



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